Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adventures in Bargain Hunting, Part II

Alrighty, everyone.  When I left you last, we had just purchased our tablecloths and napkins and were waiting for them to be made and ready for pick up.

Since the place where we bought our tablecloths and napkins had to order the fabric, we couldn't take samples of the fabric home with us.  So we went to Joann's the next day to buy samples of fabric that were as close in color to what we ordered as we remembered.  We wanted to do a mock up of our guest tables using some buckets we also bought as Joann's.  Originally, I was dead set on having galvanized buckets with flowers planted in them as my centerpieces, something similar to this:

But once I saw the buckets in person, I wasn't in love.  All the one's I found were shiny and splotchy.  We bought a galvanized bucket at Joann's, as well as another bucket in a bronze color, but ended up not loving either and returned them to the store, leaving us centerpiece-less for the mock up.  Anyhoo, I digress.  This is a post about tablecloths and napkins, not centerpieces!

We still set up the sample tablecloths and napkin fabric on our kitchen table and LOVED IT.  We thought the colors went so well together and were really happy with out decision.  About a month later, we got the call that the tablecloths and napkins were ready for pick-up.  The next Saturday, we got up early and drove in to downtown L.A.  We got to the shop, the owner showed us the merch, and I instantly became worried.  That did NOT look like the shade of purple I thought we had ordered.  It was much brighter than I remembered.  But I told myself that maybe it was just the crappy fluorescent lighting in the shop and that things would look better in natural light.  The napkins were a whole other ball of wax.  There's no two ways about it.  They looked cheap.  The Mister and I were not happy campers during the 45 minute drive home.

So we got back to the house and instantly set up a tablecloth and a few napkins to see how they looked together and to see what the colors looked like in comparison to the samples we bought.  Yeah, our samples were way off.

Our actual tablecloths and napkins are on the left, the samples are on the right.  The flash kind of messed up the color of the fabrics a little, but this was the best picture I could get.

The problem was that we had grown to love our samples, so when the real deal didn't match up, our expectations were shattered.  I was bummed for a little while, but you know what?  I got over it!  You know why?  THEY'RE JUST TABLECLOTHS AND NAPKINS!!!  So what they're not the exact colors I envisioned.  They're still pretty close and will get the job done.  The fact that our tablecloths are slightly brighter than what I originally wanted will not make or break our wedding, and no one will notice.  When my Mom came over one day and I showed her the difference between our tablecloths and the sample fabric, she said she actually liked the tablecloth color better precisely because it is more vibrant.  And I knew she wasn't b.s.-ing me (I can tell when she is).  And now, 3 months after our tablecloths and napkins came in, I absolutely love the tablecloths!  The napkins I'm still on the fence about.  Not because of the color, but because we should have bought a more heavy duty fabric given the fact that we'll be serving barbeque at our wedding, including ribs.  We still may use them more for their decorative factor, and then supplement with paper napkins, I don't know.  We still have 7 months to figure that out.

So, despite the initial disappointment in our tablecloths and napkins, I view this whole adventure as a blessing in disguise.  It happened pretty early on in our wedding planning, and having go wrong so early on really gave me the perspective that I need.  You do the best you can, but you can't expect perfection.  The only thing that could ruin my wedding day is getting left at the alter.  So long as we get married on that day, that's all that really, truly matters.  The rest is just icing on the cake.

Have you just had that moment when you realized that your wedding's not going to be perfect, so you should just give up trying to make it so?  What triggered the realization?

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