Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Details Details: Beer Me!

From the get-go, we new we wanted a self-serve bar at our wedding.  I envisioned beer bottles sitting on ice in galvanized tubs, one or two pre-mixed signature drinks in glass dispensers along with iced tea and lemonade, and water and bottles of wine on the dinner tables.  One of my standard questions when researching venues was whether they required a bartender or not.  So when we fell in love with our venue, the fact that it also did not require a bartender was just icing on the cake.  Everything was rainbows and butterflies until one day I happened to be looking at our venue contract and realized it states loud and clear:


What the what???  I got some clarification from our contact at the venue and she said that what they are concerned about is people walking around with glass containers and dropping them, shattering glass all over the wood deck and getting glass between the planks and in the soil.  So wine bottles are fine and glass drink dispensers are fine, but no glass beer bottles.  My vision of galvanized buckets full of assorted beers was scrapped in one fell swoop.  I will be having kegs at my wedding.

So we're going to have to find a way to hide or prettify the kegs.  Of course, I turned to my trusty internets for inspiration.

Option 1:  We could make no attempt to hide the kegs and instead play up the casual, outdoorsy vibe of our wedding by doing something like this:

(Victoria and Fritz's wedding featured on Once Wed)

Beer in a canoe?  Pretty unique.  And I like the sign.  

Option 2:  Hide the kegs in plain sight by putting the kegs in something like this.

(Val and Garth's wedding featured on Once Wed)

I think this is so cute!  And they even dressed up the plastic cups by putting little chalkboard name tags on them.  This idea is definitely a keeper.

Option 3:  Build a box to cover the kegs with holes on the top for the taps to stick through.  A homemade bar if you will. I couldn't find a picture of this, but there was a thread on the Weddingbee boards that suggested this idea.  This would only work if we got the kind of keg taps that don't require you to pump the keg.

Which brings me to my next point of concern - serving the beer.  I have a confession to make.  I do not know how to tap a keg.  Every keg party I've been to (all 5 of them) the keg had to be pumped, but I know that you can get special taps so that you don't have to pump.  Since I don't know how to properly serve beer from a keg, I don't want to jump to the conclusion that my guests will either.  So I'm thinking that we'll definitely want to get the CO2 taps to eliminate the pumping.  

Are you having kegs at your wedding?  What are you doing to prettify them?


Jillreigh said...

I kinda love the idea of the kegs in the canoe. I mean, everyone will know they are kegs, so why not put them in something whimsical like a canoe!?

elledee said...

the chalkboard name tags are great. Cute idea!

BeerBudgetBride said...

A keg cozy! I love it! OK, THAT would be easy to DIY and you can pick your colors. You can even do no sew with fabric glue & velcro the seams for when you need to swap out the kegs.

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