Sunday, March 28, 2010

Details Details: No Cake Wrecks Please!

We're jumping on the cake buffet bandwagon.  Well, that's what people will think anyway, though in reality I've wanted a self-serve cake buffet since the first time I heard about cake cutting fees.  I've got a massive sweet tooth so you don't have to convince me that having multiple cakes and other assorted goodies in lieu of a traditional wedding cake is a good idea.

(This picture makes me drool a little.  Via Snippet & Ink.)

But there are details that need to be hashed out.  Who will make the cakes?  What flavors do we want?  How many do we need?  Do we want non-cake options too?  What about cake stands?  Yikes.  So this cake buffet thing is definitely more work than ordering one big cake and being done with it.  But it's totally worth it to a) have all that deliciousness at our wedding, and b) avoid the cake cutting fee racket.

I briefly entertained the idea of hiring a local baker to just make all the cakes and deliver them to our venue the day of the wedding.  But when I calculated the cost, I realized that we could do this much cheaper on our own.  So, the plan right now is to make a couple of the cakes ourselves and maybe some cookies other non-cake sweets, have a close friend and the Mister's mom, who are both amazing bakers, make a couple of cakes (assuming they're willing, of course), and then maybe pick up a couple of cakes at a local bakery.  I figure cakes can be baked a few days in advance and then frozen, so this project won't be adding too much to our day before/day of to-do list and it's fun and totally within my limited DIY capabilities.

So now that we've got all that squared away, we can get to the fun part - picking recipes!  The Mister is adamant that we must have a carrot cake and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  That's fine by me, and I'm thinking that we should have some cookies and brownies for people who don't like cake that much.  Plus, I definitely want a coconut cake and a bundt cake (or maybe even a bunch of mini bundt cakes!)

(Yummy and portable.  Maybe mini bundt cakes will be the new cupcakes.  Via Simply Sweet Home.)

Other than that, it's all up in the air.  Any tips on great recipes are appreciated!  What desserts are you serving at your wedding?


KMalandro2B said...

What is with guys and carrot cake? LOL It seems like every guy LOVES carrot cake! Don't get me wrong I enjoy it too but I love how adament they are about it.

Love the whole idea of making your own cakes! I'm all for a cake buffet because I need variety! Can't wait to see what else you pick!

dognbird said...

I think this is going to be fantastic. And... my fiance loves carrot cake too. Ha!

BeerBudgetBride said...

Hmm... not sure if it's the carrot cake or the cream cheese frosting that they love so much. Mr. B makes me put it on choc. cupcakes for his B-day. Ummm that & funfetti. He's like a 5yr old. LOL

Emilia Jane said...

We are doing the cake buffet too. Though I'm going through a bakery and picking up the day before (still cheaper than buying ONE wedding cake!). Target has cake stands starting at $7 and IKEA has really pretty ones with covers for $20.

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