Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Evolution of Our Centerpieces

Centerpieces.  For some reason, I latched onto centerpieces early in the planning process as a critical decision.  I don't know why I did this, but hey, at least I got something done early.  At first, I was liking the idea of galvanized buckets.

The Mister and I both have an aversion to tall centerpieces, so we wanted smaller buckets than the one pictured above.  But after search and searching and searching, we were completely unable to find buckets that we liked.  In person, the metal was splotchy looking and after buying one and seeing how it looked with our purple tablecloths, we just didn't like them all that much.  So we moved on to other ideas.

At some point in the hunt for galvanized buckets, I started thinking about potting plants inside the buckets instead of using cut flowers.  It's cheaper and more environmentally friendly.  Plus, we plan on DIY-ing our flowers, so eliminating cut flower centerpieces will dramatically decrease the amount of work to be done the day before the wedding.  With this in mind, I started thinking about using planter boxes for centerpieces.

This is gorgeous!  Obviously, the flowers are cut, but it still gave me an idea of what would look good in a wood planter box.  Low blooms with bright colors.  Ikea sells a strikingly similar planter box (it might even be the same one, actually) for only $3.99, too!  
(Bjuron planter from Ikea)

One morning we trekked out to our local Ikea to buy some DVD storage boxes and decided to pick up one of these planters to see how it looked.  The Mister was not a huge fan, mostly because of the uneven stain on the wood.  We picked one up anyway just to see how it looked with our tablecloths.  

Right across the aisle from the planter boxes was the candle section.  And we both instantly noticed these awesome lanterns.
(Borrby lanterns from Ikea)

We bought one of each color and headed home.  After placing each lantern and the planter on one of our purple tablecloths, the decision was unanimous - the Black Borrby lantern was it.  We bought a bright green pillar candle to go inside it and it just looked fantastic with the purple tablecloths.    

But the centerpieces needed something else to feel complete.  I started searching for lantern centerpieces to get inspired and found this gem on The Knot.

It's the same lantern!  I found some river rock at The Dollar Store for, well, $1 per bag.  Instead of using succulents, I think we will use the heads of large blooming cut flowers, like mums or dahlias.  I bought some mums one day at the grocery store and popped the heads off of a few to see how long they would last and was pleasantly surprised that they looked good for a couple of days.  Yay!

Centerpieces can now be checked off the to-do list.  And without further ado, a picture of our centerpiece mock-up.
(personal photo)

Sorry for the poor image quality.  It was taken on a Blackberry and the flash totally washed out the colors.  What do you think?  Would you add anything else?  


KMalandro2B said...

I really like what you came up with especially the lanterns! Hard to tell though, what's inside the lanterns? I love how the color of the candles pop in the sample picture.

Erica said...

There's a bright green candle inside the lantern. I think the green looks great with the purple tablecloths.

miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

They turned out great, well done! We've been on the hunt for some lanterns like that and now I'm ticked that we don't have an Ikea in our area because those ones are so pretty.

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