Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go With Your Gut

I love food.  The Mister also loves food.  But when it comes to the foods we love, the Mister and I differ quite a bit.  My perfect dessert is tiramisu, the Mister's is peanut butter cups.  I think you get the picture.  Yet, when the time came to discuss what kind of food we want to serve at our wedding, we were both on the same page.
(Mmmm....that's what I'm talkin' bout!  Source)

That's right.  We'll be serving down home, mouth watering, stick to your ribs BBQ.  Once we came to this agreement, I started looking for BBQ caterers all across Southern California.  We had a couple of delicious local BBQ restaurants on the list - Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ and Canyon City - and the rest were all foreign to us.  My main criteria were that they were affordable, full service, and (most importantly) absolutely delish.  Obviously, to figure out whether the delish criteria was satisfied we'd need to do some tastings.  Life is tough, what can I say.

Our first outing was on my 29th birthday.  I decided that if a big group of us were going to get together for my birthday dinner, why not go to one of the BBQ restaurants on our list and kill two birds with one stone.  So we all met up at Joey's BBQ, a BBQ joint really close to where we live but had never been to before.  I'd heard really great things, but in the end no one was very impressed with the food.  Oh well.  

After the experience at Joey's, the Mister and I had a good talk.  And by "good talk" I mean the Mister talked some sense into me.  It went something like this:

Mister:  In theory, we could continue to drive all over Southern California tasting BBQ with no guarantee that we will like what we taste.  But is that how you want to use your precious spare time?
Me:  Not really.
Mister:  Will engaging in this wild BBQ chase end up saving us a ton of money?
Me:  Not really.
Mister:  So what's the point of tasting the food at every BBQ joint from here to San Diego?
Me:  Ummmm.... (cue crickets chirping)

So, we looked at Lucille's and Canyon City's offerings a little closer, spoke with someone at Canyon City and found out that they only offer pick-up or drop-off catering, not full service or grill-on site, and BOOM the decision was made.  Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ will be catering our wedding.

Don't get me wrong, it was hard at first for me to suppress my deep-seated need to bargain hunt.  But the Mister was totally right on this one.  Deep down, we both wanted Lucille's to cater our wedding from the get go.  Our guts, both literally and figuratively, were telling us Lucille's was what we wanted to eat at our wedding.  But there's something about wedding planning that compels me to research things to death, even when it is totally unnecessary.   That's where the Mister steps in and reminds me that if this were any other party we were planning I would have gone with Lucille's from day one, no questions asked.  So why should our wedding be any different?  It shouldn't.  Thank you Mister.

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