Monday, March 8, 2010

The Search for Shoes

Now that I’ve got my dress squared away, it’s time to get down to the really difficult task – finding the perfect shoes to wear with it.  You might recall how I absolutely love the idea of wearing gold flat sandals.  It’s a good thing I fell in love with this look well before buying a dress, because now flats are a need, not a want.  I’m a little over 5’8” tall and my dress was just the right length when I tried it on barefoot.  Even a 1” heel on me would probably mean that the hem of the dress wouldn’t hit the floor.  I’m okay if the dress floats ever so slightly above the floor, but full inch is too much for my tastes. 

I’m not bothered by having to wear flats.  I want to be comfortable and the Mister and I are pretty much the same height and I don’t want to tower over him.  Plus, the flooring for our outdoor venue is a wood plank deck, so a narrow heel that could get stuck between the planks is out of the question.  What I didn’t anticipate, though, was how difficult it would be to find gold flat sandals that feel special enough to wear with my wedding dress and but that aren’t too blingy.  Here are some contenders thus far:

My most recent find is the Nadia sandal by Calvin Klein.  I think I need to see this one in person.  It’s got rhinestones, which could look garish if not done right.  I’ve never known Calvin Klein to not do things right though, so this are probably the front runners at this point.
(photo from Macy’s)

Then there are these bad boys by Moschino.  They are very expensive, but I’d definitely wear them after the wedding.  So maybe I could write them off as a personal expensive instead of a wedding expense? Who am I kidding.  I’d never buy a $450 pair of sandals for everyday wear.  This is a wedding expense.  Sigh.  But they have a heart on them!  How appropriate for the occasion. 

(photo from Nordstrom’s)

These are cute.  I like the flower detail but I wonder if it might be too distracting or casual.  But at $49, they certainly are priced right.

(photo from Zappos)

These Charles David sandals are nice, too.  They’re simple, but not too simple.  I like their strappiness and would definitely wear these again.  I haven’t had much luck with this style sandal in the past though because my foot runs wide.  The straps tend to cut into me.  Maybe if I order a half size bigger?
(photo from Zappos)

There are a few problems I’m running into in my search for the right sandal. 
  • The gladiator sandal trend is dominating the market right now.  While I love a good gladiator sandal, they don’t go with the style of my dress at all.  
  • I don’t want my foot to be too bare.  By nature, most sandals are bare.  
  • I don’t really want to wear flip flops.  There goes half of the sandal market.  
  • The concept of “evening flats” seems to have escaped the shoe industry.  Whenever I look through the “special occasion” sections in shoe departments (both online and in store) everything has a heel! 

What do you think of the sandals I’ve posted?  Does any one jump out at you?  Should I expand my search beyond sandals?  

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