Thursday, April 8, 2010

ABC7 Morning News Found My Perfect MOH Dress

Every morning I have the same routine:  get up, make some coffee, feed the dogs, make some breakfast, and then watch the ABC7 morning news and check my email and blogs while eating and drinking the aforementioned food and beverage.  This morning was like every other morning except the news had a story on "wedding trends" and how you don't have to spend a fortune to have a stylish wedding.  One of the "trends" was bridesmaid dresses that are re-wearable.  (Really, that's a trend?)  Anyway, the news story featured bridesmaid dresses by Joanna August Bridal, including this beauty

(Tara by Joanna August)

Ummm, it's everything I've been looking for:  high neckline and back, chiffon, flowy, not too short, and green!   And after visiting Joanna's website, there are a few other dresses that fit the bill for my MOH dress too.  Like this one

(Erica by Joanna August . . . we share the same name, it was meant to be!)

The problem?  The Tara dress is $450!!!  And the Erica dress is $395.  In fact,. almost all of the bridesmaid dresses on her site are in the $300 to $500 range. is this an affordable wedding trend?  Sure you can re-wear it, but I'm pretty sure my sister would never buy a $450 dress for a night out on the town.  And I cannot justify asking my sister to buy a dress that is more than half of the cost of my wedding dress.  


And the MOH dress search continues.


Mareeyah said...

They lovely, but yeah, the price is making it a little tricky. I found a nice cheaper dress ( and thought you might want to check it out. It's available in various colors. Hope it helps. :-D Good luck dress hunting!

Cera said...

Check out It's geared toward LDS (mormon) brides/bridesmaids/prom goers, but I was drawn in by the good prices on their dresses. They tend to have high necklines and longer dresses, but they are fairly stylish. Just a friendly suggestion.

julie said...

have you seen Aria? they've got a couple shops but do a ton of mail-order, too. they'll even mail fabric samples and dresses to try on. they have tons of options for fabrics, colors, styles, etc.

julie said...

oops, meant to post a link:

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