Monday, April 5, 2010

One Wedding Down, One To Go!

We're back home after a fantastic weekend in La Jolla, California, for the Mister's sister's wedding.  The Mister and I are both playing hooky from work today because we completely underestimated how exhausted we would be from this weekend's events.  We didn't get a moment of rest beginning Friday afternoon through to Sunday night.  Even our sleep wasn't really restful because the thermostat in our room was broke and it was about 100 degrees in our room on Friday night.  But that's another story.

Anyway, since this is only the third wedding I've attended as an adult and the only wedding I've attended since getting engaged, I was able to really get some good perspective on what I do and do not want for our wedding.

  • I want to be a chill bride.  While the Mister's sister was off getting her hair and make-up done the rest of us were scrambling to get everything ready for the wedding.  A small handful of us were working on the flower arrangements in one of the guest rooms.  When I had to leave to go get ready for pictures, I swung by the rooftop of the hotel to see how the set up for the ceremony and reception were going.  There was a full on army of our friends and family there making sure that everything got done.  I was actually a little overcome by how many people showed up to help.  And all that help made the Mister's sister the chillest bride I've ever seen.  She had nothing to worry about because the people who love her the most just took control of the situation.  I want that.
  • I do not want a videographer.  I've never really had the desire to have a videographer at our wedding, but as people I know kept telling me that they are so glad they hired a videographer I started to wonder if maybe I should just bite the bullet.  This weekend sealed the deal - there will be no videographer.  The videographer was so intrusive and distracting.  I know that it's just the nature of the beast and it's not like he was trying to get in the way, but still.  I'll be perfectly happy with a home video of our wedding shot on a portable camcorder.  It's just not a priority for me.
  • I want a photobooth.  Who knows if we'll actually do this, but I want one that's for sure.  Words cannot even describe how much of a hit the photobooth was at the Mister's sister's wedding.  The photos that came out of it were priceless.  I mean, how else are you going to get a picture like this
and like this
and like this

(All photos from the Photo Booth Pro)

Besides all of this, what I really realized this weekend is that our wedding will be amazing no matter what.  Because joy of that magnitude transcends all of your best laid plans.  

P.S.  I did do that makeup trial this weekend and took pictures of myself, but the pictures didn't come out right.  I think I needed more light in our room.  You can hardly tell I'm wearing any makeup!  I'll redo it at some point soon, I promise!

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BeerBudgetBride said...

I'm glad you're having at least home videos. I wasn't going to get a videographer either, I was dead set against it actually. But my cousin convinced me that he regrets it. My Nana was a big part of their wedding and she's since passed. He wishes he had video of her walking & talking, dancing - it would've been cool.

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