Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Universe Is Playing Games With Me

I woke up this morning to this lovely little email in my inbox from ModCloth regarding the dress I ordered for my sister/MOH. 

Dear Erica,

This is in reference to your order #_____. Unfortunately, due to an error in our inventory count, we are sold out of the Grecian Green Dress and will not be able to fulfill this part of your order. I've refunded you in FULL. Please allow a day or so for the funds to appear back in your account.

Sorry again and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. I hope you'll shop with us again!

FML.  I totally jinxed myself when I announced that the search for my MOH dress was finally done, right?  Actually, no.  Right after I got this god awful email, I went onto ModCloth's website and the dress was not out of stock, it was just out of stock in the size I ordered.  They still have an Extra Small and a Large.  Since I was concerned the Medium would be too big for my sister anyway, I went ahead and ordered the Extra Small.  All the reviews of the dress say that it runs really large, so I'm not too concerned that the Extra Small will be too small, though if it is ModCloth has a good exchange policy. 

Disaster avoided!  Hopefully.  If I get another email from them in a few days saying they actually don't have the dress, I just might have to write a strongly worded letter!


Chocolate Lover said...

Fingers crossed that you get the dress!

Mareeyah said...

I hope you get the dress and that it fits your sister. :-)

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