Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some, Or The Trials and Tribulations of Online Shopping

Win:  The ModCloth Grecian Green Dress arrived yesterday and everyone is in agreement - it's awesome.
Lose:  The Extra Small is way too small and we need to exchange it for a larger size.  Recall that I tried to order it in a larger size to begin with.

(This picture doesn't really do the dress any justice, but I never claimed to be a good photographer.)

Win:  The size we need is in stock!
Lose:  I tried calling ModCloth three times to process the exchange and no one answered.  Afraid that the size would sell out, I just went ahead and bought it and incurred the additional shipping charges that would have been waived if I had waited to process the exchange.

Win:  My 100 Ways Bra arrived in the mail today and it works with my dress.
Lose:  The purchase was totally unnecessary.  That's what I get for blindly believing the salesperson at David's Bridal when she told me that my dress required a bra that was low-cut in the back and the front.  Only when I tried on my dress this evening with the new bra did I realize that most of the bras I already have work with the dress.

Win:  The shoes I want to wear on my wedding day finally went on sale at Macy's, marked down from $119 to $84.99.  Plus they're giving an additional 15% off at checkout, and I have a coupon for 20% off on top of that!
Lose:  Their online store doesn't have my size and when I called my local Macy's to check where I could find them in store I discovered that the only store in the entire United States that has these shoes in the "Platino" color in a Size 10 is in New Jersey, and they only have two left.  I live outside Los Angeles.


Mareeyah said...

I remember you mentioned in the other post that you need new bras in general anyway, so I guess even though it wasn't needed for your dress, but still it's not "totally unnecessary." I correct?
Oh well, really, you win some, you lose some. Wedding planning really brings a lot of adventures. Don't worry, I'm positive you can somehow solve these concerns. :-D (If not, well, the wedding will still go on and that's what's most important.)

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

Cute cute dress!! Love it!
Good luck with the shoes.

Just found out about your blog and I am already a follower. :-)


elledee said...

I have been thinking about buying that dress for a long long time now! I'm glad to see you like it a lot.

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