Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All the Small Things

I've been tackling the small things lately.  Those unglamorous, easily forgotten things that still need to get done.  And in my book, the earlier they get done, the better.  I'm trying to front load my to-do list so that as the wedding gets closer the only things on it are stuff that couldn't be done earlier.

So yesterday I spent my lunch hour talking to our insurance agent about "day of event" insurance coverage
and calling equipment rental companies to get quotes for patio heater rentals and rescheduling our meeting with a potential florist.  This weekend we'll be taking a trip up the mountains to our venue so we can do things like take measurements, figure out where there are electrical outlets, do a rough floor plan and figure out what kind of sound equipment we need to rent.  And hopefully this week will do a test print on the paper samples we ordered for our invitations to make sure there are no issues and I can go ahead and order the paper.

I find all of these little tasks oddly satisfying.  They're "easy" tasks that can be done in no time.  Not overwhelming at all!  Oh, and I love that how fast checks are accumulating on my checklist.  I'm a Type-A dork like that.


Brittney said...

From one Type-A dork, to another, congrats on getting these things done ahead of time! I'm with you. I have a check list that I'm working my way down. This weekend is going to be all about wedding prep... invitations, programs, favors. I'm not a DIY type of person, so I want to give myself plenty of f-up time! lol

KMalandro2B said...

I like your philosophy and agree to get them out of the way ahead of time because those small tasks will turn into big stresses later on if they go unattended. You just reminded me that I have to call the rental place myself!

Chocolate Lover said...

It does feel good to see all those check marks accumulating! Great that you got them out of way!

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