Monday, May 24, 2010

Details Details: Salvaging Our Napkins

I don't love our napkins.  But that's old news.  After playing with them a little bit this weekend, I decided that we're going to live with our bad decision and use them anyway.  After all, they're just napkins, right?

We inherited forks and spoons from the Mister's sister (hot tip:  buying real utensils from Sam's Club catering section online is cheaper than buying decent disposable utensils) and spending a whopping $22 on knives, we've got everything we need to get our napkins and utensils prepared well in advance of the wedding.  It just comes down to how we want to package them up.  I like a simple rolled up and secured with a napkin ring look.  Here's what I'm thinking may work.

(Simple Paper Napkin Rings from Good Housekeeping)

These would look great if you stuck a sprig of dried lavendar or rosemary or something in it too!  I can think of infinite variations on these napkin rings, so they leave lots of room for creativity.  Love it!

(From Lucky Me!)

These are made from Saran Wrap tubes, but paper towels, toilet paper or any other cardboard tube will do, I'm sure.  My only concern is that with our napkins, in their infinite cheapness, won't fill out the napkin ring as well as these beautiful, heavy weigh linens.  I'll have to do a test run first before I decide to embark on this project.

And then there's the tissue paper flower.  I love the two-toned flower in this picture.  My main concern with these is that the flowers will all have to be re-fluffed the day of the wedding because they'll get crushed in storage. 

So in case you can't tell, I'm leaning toward doing napkin rings a la the first picture.  Which ones do you like?  Any other great ideas?


julie said...

as you can probably guess i will based on MY napkin post, i say go for #1. even something that simple has taken us FOREVER to do! plus, less stuff to end up in a trash/recycling can :) those other options are cute, though!

Erica said...

Yeah, I'm leaning toward #1. And your napkin post is totally what reminded me that I needed to figure this shiz out!

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