Friday, May 28, 2010

Hair me out

You don't have to laugh at my stupid jokes.  I'm used to being the only one who laughs at them.  

Moving on.  

As you may have guessed, this post is about hair.  Well, it's sort of about hair.  You see, I've known since day one that I want an updo for our wedding day, which means that I absolutely need to hire a hair stylist.  I do not have any "friendors" who can do this for me, and I am completely and totally inept at styling my own hair.  Because our wedding is in a rural mountain community, there are only a handful of local salons and most of them don't have websites where I can browse their portfolios.  This leaves me looking at out of town stylists that do on location work.  So many of these on location stylists have amazing portfolios and I'm totally falling in love with their work - including their makeup artistry.  

Yes, I am second guessing my decision to do my own makeup.  I am very confident in my ability to do great everyday makeup.  But I'm not professionally trained, and I know that my skills are limited.  

But then I think back to every time I've had my makeup done at a cosmetics counter and how I almost always hate something about the look, so that makes me nervous too.  I know that's what trial runs are for, but I do not want to waste a ton of time and money (trial runs are expensive, yo!) on multiple trials.  This thought then leads me to the people with the best portfolios I can find, people who I am completely confident will do a fantastic job.  In other words, people who charge way more money than I want to spend on hair and makeup!  You see the vicious cycle here???  

Maybe I just need to do a hair trial with one of the salons up in the mountains and I will forget about the travelling hair and makeup roadshows.  Then I can have my simple updo, do my own makeup, and all will be right with the world.  But I have to admit, as a makeup lover I do love the idea of having my makeup professionally done.

Ack!  I don't know what to do!!!  I can't decide what I like more - saving money or pampering myself.  

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Jillreigh said...

That's really a hard decision to make. Try a hair trial at one of the salons and see how it turns out. If you don't like it, I'd try to find someone to go to you. Not only will you know what kind of quality you'll be getting, but you won't have to worry about traveling all around town on your wedding day because your stylist will come to you!

Also, thank you for letting me know the problems I was having on my blog. Hopefully I've fixed the comment problem by making it a pop-up box.

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