Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I need a stylist ASAP

It's May already???  Crap.  

We've had our engagement picture session scheduled for Friday, May 14th for a long time now.  We scheduled the session so long ago that I never really thought about what we were going to wear for the shoot because, you know, there was PLENTY of time to think about stuff like that.  And now our engagement picture session is less than two weeks away.  And we're going to Las Vegas this weekend with the Mister's family for his cousin's graduation.  Read: I have no time to go shopping for new clothes for our e-pics.  

That means I'll have to rely on the tried and true "shopping in my closet" method.  You know what I'm talking about - when you go through your clothes and re-discover items you forgot about and pair up items that you never put together before to create whole new outfits.  I think I can pull it off.  I'm thinking we'll need two outfits - one casual and one a little more dressed up.  The casual should be easy, though I may have a hard time deciding between several contenders.  After going a quick run-through, here's a few options I have.  

Depending on what outfit the Mister picks the jeans will be either a dark wash trouser jean or a cuffed straight legged jean.  Do you have a favorite?

It's the dressed up outfit I'm really concerned about.  The Mister really wants to wear a classic suit for the dressy pictures, which means I should wear something that is more classic and less fun and funky.  I have a great Calvin Klein LBD that fits the bill, but not much else.  I'm concerned that all black is too drab.  I could pull a Michelle Obama and throw a cardigan over it to give it some pizzaz.  Another drawback is that I don't really like my legs, so I'm afraid if I wear a knee length dress I'm just going to end up hating every full body shot.


I guess I'll just have to keep digging through my closet and keep my fingers crossed that I can find something.  

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Ellie said...

Okay, photographers are professionals and will make your legs look fantastic. So don't worry about that. I bought 5 different new shirts for my engagement pictures and at the last minute, chucked them all and wore a shirt that is my favorite, paired with capris (I just realized I'm wearing that outfit right now) and crappy old tevas. And it was fine. Wear something that you love to wear that you feel comfortable in and you'll realize when you get the pictures back that you look like yourself.

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