Monday, May 3, 2010

Invitation Mock Ups

The Mister and I finally put together a mock up of our invitations and they are looking pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I'd love to take the credit for these babies, but they're really a joint project.  I found the inspiration, the Mister did (most) of the actual design, and then I provided (ahem) "constructive criticism," which got us here:


We decided on a booklet style invitation.  For the purposes of this mock up, we used deep purple cover weight paper we picked up at Michael's, but for the real deal we are going to order actual invitation backings with matching paper for the cover.  We're leaning toward Stardream paper in Ruby.  We used a craft punch to put the heart into the cover, so that white you see is actually the first page of the invite.


You can see the craft punched heart concept a little better in this picture.  The first page of the invitation will be printed on a colored vellum, but we haven't picked one out yet, so we just used regular copy paper.  We tried printing on some tracing paper and that was a disaster.  The quote we selected to print on this page is from Herman Hesse - "If I know what love is, it is because of you." It was the Mister's idea to have a quote printed on vellum for the first page of the invite, but I found the quote.  I actually found about 10 different quotes I liked and he shot down every single one except for this one.


Now we get down to the nitty gritty.  We decided to tab our invitation a la Mrs. Lime so the invitation page is actually the shortest page in the booklet with each page thereafter a little bit longer.  I came up with the wording for this page and the Mister designed it.

Caveats:  this is cheap-o paper from Michaels and is not what we'll be using for the real deal, and I am not 100% sold on the fonts.  The Mister and I are still debating what kind of paper we'll use for the meat of the invitation.  And as for the fonts, well this has been the one source of disagreement in the invitation design process.  He never likes what I pick and I never like what he picks.  Sigh.  We'll find something we both agree upon eventually, I'm sure.


The map was made in PowerPoint by the Mister in about 15 minutes.  This was after I spent about 2 hours trying to make a decent map and it was a complete and utter FAIL.


We have a really comprehensive wedding website, but we figured that we should include some of the more important information in the invitation itself.  I know my paternal grandparents (who live in a town of 500 people in Kansas that is literally in the middle of nowhere) don't have internet access so I never want to make the assumption that people will just go to our wedding website for information.  And the Mister really wanted to include the menu because the food is that important to us.


My original idea was to have the RSVP page be a full page like the others but perforated so the RSVP postcard could be ripped out.  The Mister thought this was too much work so we decided to just attach the RSVP postcard to the backing with clear photo corners.  The design of the RSVP card isn't complete.  We decided that we didn't like what we had on the left hand side as we were getting ready to do do the mock up.

- It seems like every DIY invitation suite I found online was done in Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign or some other fancy schmancy software.  These bad boys were made in Microsoft Office.  So don't sweat it if you don't have access to specialized software!

- I'm not gonna lie.  This was our second mock up.  Our first one came out so bad that the Mister actually wondered if we got in over our head.  I assured him that we didn't, we just needed to make a few tweaks to the design and it would be much easier.  We did, and it was.  So don't panic if your first mock up comes out looking like a kindergarten craft project.  That's the whole point of doing a mock up.

- Fancy paper goes a long way if you are printing at home.  We have a laser printer, and even though we haven't picked out the actual paper we will use yet, we do know that we need to nicer paper to make up for the fact that most (if not all) of this will be printed in black.

So...what do you think?


KMalandro2B said...

I LOVE your mock up invitations! I'm happy your FI was so involved as well....wish my guy I was like that! LOL

Mareeyah said...

Amazing! It's simple, yet so informative for the guests. I think that's so sweet that you worked on this together with your groom. Really so sweet.

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