Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lounging Around

Lounge areas are all the rage right now in weddingland.  I love the concept, but so far I've only seen it executed in a hip, modern, minimalist fashion.


I love this look, but it isn't exactly the aesthetic we're shooting for at our wedding.  Actually, it's the complete opposite aesthetic, and this kind of setup would look totally out of place at our mountain lodge venue.  But the pull of the lounge area magic is too much to resist!  I started researching lounge furniture rentals and realized that pretty much everything on the market is exactly like what is pictured above - stark and modern.  In other words, a total no-go.  To make matters worse, the one set I did find that was do-able was outrageously expensive.  Like $875 for one sectional sofa plus delivery fees expensive.  But it sure is purdy.
(Napa sectional from Designer8*)

Whoa Nelly!  This put a crimp in our lounge area aspirations for a little bit.  But then I started looking into just buying a couple of patio sets and realized that we could easily buy two (if not three or four) full patio sets for way less than what one sectional rental would cost.  Granted, they won't be of the highest quality, but they'll work for our purposes.  And hopefully we can resell them on Craigslist after the wedding to recoup some of the costs.  Here are a few of the contenders.  

(Wilson & Fisher Carrington Set from Big Lots)

(Mainstays Sand Dune Set From WalMart)

(Fontaine Urban Seating Set from Home Depot)

The top two are the cheapest, and a little bland in color.  But that's nothing that a few throw pillows can't fix!  Though I love the idea of a sectional, I decided that love seats and chairs will give us more flexibility in the floor plan (Is it a floor plan when it is outside?  A deck plan maybe?).  We're only doing the lounge area in a small portion of our reception space, so flexibility is good.  Plus, sectionals are crazy expensive.

We're probably going to wait until September to buy so we can hopefully get some good end of summer sales.  Plus, I have NO IDEA where we would store multiple patio sets for the next 4+ months.  

Are any of you out there jumping on the lounge area bandwagon?

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marikoy said...

That's a cute idea...really nice if I were creating my reception venue from almost scratch. Nice for guests to hang out and mingle.

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