Wednesday, May 19, 2010


When you're planning a wedding on a budget (regardless of how big or small that budget may be) you've got to prioritize.  You've got to pick the things that are most important to you, figure out what you can do without, and budget accordingly.  When we sat down and put together our budget way back in the day, our top priorities were location and food.  We were willing to spend more money for a location that we really loved and that gave us free reign to do what we wanted.  And we've known from the get-go that we want BBQ catering and let the food quality drive our catering decision, not the price per head.

But then.  Oh, but then.

But then you start to get into the nitty gritty of planning and realized that you have a whole new crop of things that are priorities for you and we did not budget for them as if they were priorities.  Case in point?  Music.  I budgeted $0 for music.  That's because we knew we didn't want a DJ and would just use our iTunes.  I knew we'd have to download music, but decided that any downloading costs could be written off.  I didn't even budget for a sound system because I thought it was included with our venue.  Well as time went on, the Mister had a brilliant idea to buy some jukebox software and a touch screen and fashion a DIY jukebox, if you will.  We'll have regular playlists for most of the wedding, and then after dinner we'll unleash our guests on the jukebox.  We both absolutely love this idea and it's a new top priority.  Had I known, I would have budgeted for it.  Another example is decorations.  I was totally naive about how much it would cost to do the decorations we both had in mind from the beginning, and now with only tablecloths and centerpieces purchased, I have roughly $300 left in that category and it has to cover flowers AND all of the other decorations we want.

So where does that leave us?  With a need to re-prioritize and reassess our budget.  Luckily, when we first sat down and talked money we agreed on a budget range and our budget is calculated for the lowest end of that range.  So we could go $3,000 over budget and still be within our original range.  It still gives me a little heartburn, but we can afford it.   But what makes it all better for me is that I know we are being thoughtful about it.  Any budget increases will be for things we really, truly want.  Things that are priorities.  Things that will be memorable to us.

Have you had to re-prioritize and re-assess your budget?  What unplanned priorities have you had to make accommodations for?


Dancy said...

I love the jukebox idea! How fun! Our priorities changed a lot. I was surprised how $$ transportation is. We just wanted a nice party bus & only need it for about 2hrs. People want over $1,000.00 for it. Are you insane?!?!

marikoy said...

Yup! Actually I had to add a $500 allowance for the whole bunch of expenses, because of all the bridezilla-ish drama I'm having. Lol! I've exceeded the budget for my dress and invitations. Which means we'll probably not have rings anymore... or cheap rings and just upgrade later if we feel like it.

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