Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why I Would Consider Eloping

(Photo by Lillian & Leonard)

This photo sums it up.  Just me and the Mister (and an officiant) vowing to spend the rest of our lives together.  No white dress, no guests, no DIY details and absolutely nothing to distract us from what really matters - our commitment to each other.  

There's a certain allure to eloping that I have not been able to shake.  I wonder if the people in this photograph were able to feel and experience the emotions that come along with such a major milestone more fully and deeply because they stripped their wedding of all of the extraneous stuff.  I worry from time to time that I won't be able to be 100% emotionally present at our wedding because of all stress that comes along with the stuff.  I've even entertained the thought of eloping a couple of days before our wedding to hedge my bets, so to speak.  But the Mister isn't as attracted to the idea of eloping as I am and I understand that.   I love the wedding we are planning.  I'll just have to work extra hard to make sure that I get myself into that space where I can ignore everything but the man I am marrying as I make my way down the aisle.


Jillreigh said...

I think about eloping for the same reasons.

Dancy said...

I'm with you. I think I've seen that wedding before - it was in Scotland right? It does sound wonderful - no favors, no colors, no registry - just "us"... sigggh. Heaven.

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