Monday, June 21, 2010

Guys have it so easy, Part II

This weekend all of the guys in our wedding party were in town, so we capitalized on the situation and asked them all to meet us at Men's Warehouse at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning so we could select and buy their outfits for our wedding.  We had 6 guys to dress - the Mister, our dads, the best man, one groomsman, and the officiant (who is really a groomsman in disguise).  We had dropped one of our dogs off at the groomer's earlier that morning and right when we got to Men's Warehouse the groomer called and said Max was ready to be picked up, so I left the Mister at the store and took off to get our dog and drop him off at home.  I got back to Men's Warehouse around 10 a.m. and everyone had already picked out their suits.  I was amazed.  We got three different suit styles - a lighter gray for the Mister

(Jones New York gray stripe peak lapel suit)

a darker gray for "the Fathers" - my Dad, the Mister's dad, and our officiant

(Kenneth Cole charcoal multi stripe suit)

and black for the best man and groomsman

(Pronto Platinum black stripe suit)

You can't really tell from these pictures, but all of the suits are pinstriped and because that element carries through the whole thing looks really cohesive.  The men folk did good!

Then the guys took off to go find shirts and ties and I barely had to participate in the process.*  They found a light purple shirt that looked good with all three suit styles that we ended up purchasing and three different ties - one to go with each suit style.  The Mister found a nice pair of slip on shoes that worked with every suit and voila - we were out of there by noon.  It only took so long because everyone had to get measured and the salesman took a while writing up the order and figuring out what they had in stock and what needed to be ordered.  

Did you do suits for your wedding instead of tuxes?  Were you pleasantly surprised by your guys' fashion sense?

* I did have to put my foot down on one tie that looked like the tie version of one of Bill Cosby's sweaters.  But other than that I didn't have to really speak up other than to say "yes" when they asked me if I approved of what they picked.

(All photos courtesy of Men's Warehouse)


Courtney said...

Ah! So glad you posted this! We're going tomorrow for Grey suits instead of tuxes and I didn't see what I wanted online.

Did you have to buy the suits or could you rent these?


Erica said...

Courtney - we bought the suits. I think they only rent tuxes, but I could be wrong. The Mister absolutely did NOT want to rent suits/tuxes because they never fit him right, so I never really looked into it.

Angie said...

Our guys are choosing their own- we've got a couple suits, maybe a vest, maybe just a shirt and tie, and a definite Barong Tagalog (traditional Filipino menswear) going on.

And those suits are snazzy! Except for the creepy model hands... these models and their scary hands poses are freaking me out a little!

p.s. best man disguised as officiant is way rad.

Erica said...

@ Angie

Yes, a best man disguised as officiant is way rad. The Mister was going to ask him to be a co-best man and before the Mister could ask he offered to marry us. It worked out perfectly.

kristininjapan said...

Wow, sounds easy! I am absolutely dreading picking out a tux with my guy. I know nothing about them. Lucky your men made it work :D I hope I get so lucky!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Great choices. We went with suits as well and I just asked all the guys to wear black suits. Shocking I know, without even seeing them. I simply asked that they be black with no pinstripes so that everybody matches. Sort of.

marikoy said...

My groom and his men are getting suits as well...which is good, because they can wear it again to church. I love it that the groom's shade of suit is different from the fathers and the rest of the men. It would make him more distinguishable as the groom, unlike some weddings I've seen where the groom and his men wear same colors, I couldn't tell who's the lucky guy.

Sara said...

we are going with tuxes... Groom is buying a new one and the others will be rented. i love the shading they choose and the pin stripes- very sharp!

jacin said...

i love the gray color!!! my fiance told me men's wearhouse didnt have that color because he wanted to get out of wearing it! haha

anna and the ring said...

Guys do have it easy and every guy does look dashing in grey.

Unfortunately I have a dandy for a boy and he is loving the whole outfit journey!

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