Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guys have it so easy

The Mister, his best man and I went to Men's Warehouse yesterday after work to look at some suits. Since the Mister and his best man both had to go to Men's Warehouse anyway to get measured for tux rentals for their friend's wedding this July, we used this opportunity to see what we liked for our wedding.  The Mister and I agreed ages ago that  the men should wear gray suits instead of doing tux rentals.  Tuxes are just too formal for our woodsy wedding.

So we started browsing the stock with only three criteria in mind for finding the right suits:  a shade of gray, a two-button jacket, and flat front pants.  They had suits picked out in 10 minutes.  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it certainly wasn't more than 20 minutes and it definitely was less time than it took for both of them to get measured for their tux rentals!  Geez.  I wish I had it that easy when I was looking for my dress!  The Mister really likes a Jones New York suit that apparently isn't available online because I can't find it anyway on the Men's Warehouse website.  It's pretty similar to this suit, except it's a two button jacket instead of a 3-button jacket (and no pleated pants).

And for the groomsman/officiant we're leaning toward this Kenneth Cole number

(I wish I could find a better picture of this suit.  Who cuts off the head of a male model??? Source.)

We didn't purchase anything yet because Men's Warehouse is having a massive Buy One Get One sale right now that lasts until July 4th and to capitalize on it we need to buy the suits at once (or at least two at a time).  So we have a month get the measurements of the other groomsman and the officiant (who is essentially a groomsman...he's the one getting married in July and the Mister is his best man) and get the suits ordered.  We'll probably also have our dads get suits, though we'll let them pick different ones.  Obviously, nothing is set in stone but even if we end up picking different suits my mind is completely at ease because this trip reminded me of how ridiculously easy it is to dress men.

Was dressing the men in your wedding easy too?

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Ghenet said...

Good to know about the sale! I'll have to let my fiance know. We're also doing suits, but all in black. It's crazy how easy it is for the guys!

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