Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm contemplating getting a Brazilian Blowout.  Before getting engaged, I kept my hair pretty short.  In fact, I think the last time I had hair that was long enough to even hit my collar bone was 2006.  When we got engaged I was already overdue for a haircut and decided to just let it grow out since I have known since day one that I want an updo.  Just about a year later, this is how long my hair is now.

It's long, thick, dry, frizzy and hard to manage.  I've read about the miracles of the Brazilian Blowout and it is so, so tempting.  Luscious smooth and frizz-free hair without having to use products or blow dry?  Sign me up!  It only lasts up to 12 weeks so if I get it done now it will be pretty much worn out by the time our wedding rolls around.  So, it will get me through these next 110(!) days, I can get my updo, and then get my Post-Wedding Chop when we get back from our honeymoon.

My local salons charge around $300 for a Brazilian Blowout, so I'm having trouble pushing myself to make the appointment.  I keep thinking maybe I should try a home deep conditioning treatment or invest in some good anti-frizz products first.

What do you think?  Just say pocketbook be damned and go for the blowout, or try something cheaper first? Any recommendations for at home products?  Anyone out there had a Brazilian Blowout and have any words of wisdom for me?


kristininjapan said...

I would love to get a Brazilian Blowout. I have a lot of thick, frizzy, wavy hair. Unfortunately I can't afford one, so I will stick with using my flat iron everyday :( I have tried all the hair products under the sun but nothing works; all my hair product experimental jars, sprays, and cans are half-full because I give up on them.

I say, if you have the cash, do it. Just once to see if you like it, you know? I would love to wake up and be free of my flat iron.

miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

If there's some options that won't break your bank, I'd say try them first. Obviously, there's no point in spending upwards of $150 on those treatments if you know the Blowout will work, but anything under $50 might be worth the investment if it works. I don't have any personal recommendations, but I'm sure there's tons of information online. Or you may even be able to ask a hairdresser at a local salon for cheaper alternatives.

Sara said...

woah! i hadn't heard of this before... it looks like an answer to my summer-frizz prayers. i agree with miss fancy pants- dont spend a ton of money on treatments before the blowout if that's still in the back of your mind. i should have bought stock in ulta at this point when it comes to products & the next thing I am doing is checking into blowouts in my area!

Sara said...

here is a great review I found while researching on my own-

Erica said...

@ Sara

Thanks for the link! I just went to Rite Aid this evening and bought some Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner and am going to try it out tomorrow. But this article certainly makes the Brazilian Blowout sound worth it.

Tamar said...

Have you thought about magic straight? It's about $200-250 in LA but lasts longer than 12 weeks (I get it done once a year). I like it bc I'm low maintenance and I can wash and go.

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