Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jewelry love

I found these earrings at Macy's a while back and I tried my best to get over them.  But I just can't quit them.

But at $1,200 they are  They are regularly on sale and I get coupons galore from Macy's, and even then I'd still be spending upwards of $400.  Still not in the budget.

So I was torturing myself the other day by lusting over their perfection when I realized that there is a matching necklace too!

I'm not normally a necklace person, but I love this one.  I love how these pieces are simple and understated, but still visually interesting.  I'd love to wear these on my wedding day and then make them heirloom pieces that can get passed down generation to generation.  But I just can't justify $1000 on jewelry.  Sigh.


kristininjapan said...

I know what you mean :( It sucks to fall in love with something that you KNOW just wouldn't be right to spend THAT much money on. That is such a gorgeous set of jewelry. I'm sure there's something a little more budget friendly out there.. an excuse to window shop!

jacin said...

wow - i love the earrings!!

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