Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post Script: Laying down the (in)law

Remember our guest list drama?  We finally had the conversations with our parents about the number of guests they can invite to the wedding and everything went over swimmingly.  We were waiting to have the conversation in person with the Mister's parents, but we could never seem to get them alone, so the Mister finally just called his dad and told him the deal:  he and his wife can invite 8 people to the wedding.  My parents will be getting the same amount of invites, but since they are divorced they'll have to split them 4 and 4 (or however else they choose to split them...my parents get along pretty well so I trust them to work things out amicably.)

We decided on 8 as our "magic number" for a few reasons.  One, since my parents are divorced I wanted to pick a number that when divided in two still gave each of my parents an even number of invites.  For example, we thought about setting the number at 6, but then that means each of my parents would get 3 invites so they couldn't invite two couples.  Two, we had a feeling that we might get some resistance from my future in-laws if we set the number at 6 or lower.  We had an inkling of who they would want to invite and figured that 8 would cover the important people.*  Finally, we took a look at our guest list and we think that adding 16 guests will not put us over 100 people, though it may be close.  If we go over 100 people, our venue site fee goes up, so our goal is to stay under 100.

All in all, I think we finally put this monster issue to rest.  Thank god.  I don't know if I could manage to deal with it much more without blowing up on someone.  I've managed to keep my composure thus far, but at some point a girl's gotta let it all out.

* Our guesses as to who they wanted to invite in those 8 slots may turn out to be completely wrong.  When the Mister talked to his dad, apparently he started listing off people who we assumed would not make the cut.  But they don't have to get their final choices to us for a while, so it remains to be seen.

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KMalandro2B said...

Oh i'm glad everything went well!! I think that's a even number to pick as well. Keep us posted!!

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