Saturday, July 24, 2010

Card box conundrum

Early into our engagement, the Mister's parents bought us this lovely lil chest to use as a card box.  They just happened to see it when they were out shopping at Home Goods, it was cheap, and they thought we would like it.  We thought it was perfect for our rustic outdoorsy wedding, and I'm all about accepting freebies!  So it has been sitting on a ledge along our stairwell for a good year now, and I'm thinking that after the wedding we'll use it to store wedding keepsakes like the invitation we mailed to ourselves, our RSVPs, etc.

So what's the conundrum?

Security.  When they gave this to us, the Mister's Mom made a comment about how the only problem with it was that anyone could just reach in and take the cards.  We've discussed various ways to make it more secure.  The Mister and I decided a while back on just getting some cardboard and cutting a slit in it and fastening it over the opening.  Easy peasy.

So last night I took the chest off the ledge and decided to start making this bad boy more secure. I quickly realized that our idea was not going to work.  The base of the chest is not deep enough, so when people put a card in the slot it will not fall flat onto the bottom of the chest.  This lead to the following conversation:

Me:  I'm thinking we don't need to do anything to the card box.  How concerned are you about people stealing cards?

Mr.:  I wasn't concerned until you told me you were concerned.

Me:  I wasn't concerned until your Mom told me she was concerned.


In all fairness, the Mister's mom isn't concerned about our guests.  Her thinking was that it's the other people - wait staff and others - who we don't know and can't trust.  But at this stage in the game, we've minimized our vendors so that the only people who will be there who aren't guests are our photographers (who we love and trust not to be thieves) and a couple of waiters.  We both realize that the most we can do is make it harder for someone to steal cards; we can't prevent it entirely.  If someone really wants to steal, they will.  So all of this makes me think that modifying the chest is completely unnecessary.

BUT (and this is a big but) at the past two weddings I've attended things have been stolen!!!  At the Mister's sister's wedding back in April, our friend was wearing a kick ass pair of Dior sunglasses that mysteriously disappeared at some point during the event.  Then, at that same friend's wedding earlier this month someone stole the hand-painted wooden "wedding" signs they made to direct people to the reception location!  Rather, someone stole one and left the other one broken into pieces.  

So, this makes me turn to you, oh mighty blogosphere, for some advice.  What would you do?  Make the card box more secure or leave it as is?  


Kristin aka Miss Glasses said...

Oh man. I've been living in this damn country for so long, I'm jaded. All throughout this post I was thinking "What?! Why would anyone steal anything?!?" In a country where the crime rate is really low, it really is hard for me to think anyone would steal something from a card box. I am also far too trusting and wouldn't really be afraid of vendors or ransoms trying to steal. In the end though, what goes in a card box to be stolen? If people were going to give you money, wouldn't they give it to you directly? "Here's a little something to start you kids off..." or something to that effect. Ugh, I could be completely off my rocker about this.... Sorry I'm so rubbish.

nicoliolihpf said...

WTH? Who does that?! Well, I wouldn't worry about it personally. I mean, who wants to steal guest cards? Sunglasses I can see more. Then again, I can't imagine someone stealing a sign pointing to a wedding, but really, if someone is that incensed, they're going to do something no matter what. I really wouldn't worry about it.

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