Friday, July 16, 2010

The Finished Product

My prediction was right...we got our invites done a day early.  Tomorrow (Saturday) was our self-imposed and completely arbitrary deadline, but we finished stuffing the envelopes last night (Thursday) and I am going to drop the invites off at the post office this morning (Friday).  We will be hand delivering a few of our invites tonight since we are having a get together with a bunch of our friends at the Mister's parent's house* and I am super excited to see people's reactions.  Since my sister lives with us she opened her invite last night and was giddy with excitement.

Before I get started revealing the details of our invitations, I'd like to take this moment to dedicate this post to the Mister.  He loves our invites, and we were equal partners in designing, printing, assembling, and addressing all 66 of them.**  He is the only person in my real life who knows about this blog and he actually reads it!  So, honey, since you were so anxious for me to blog about our invitations, here is the post you've been asking for.

We did a booklet style invitation.  We bought all of our paper from, and would definitely recommend them to others.  It's not the fanciest schmanciest website but their prices were better than any others out there and they were the only place I could find invitation backings in a wide variety of colors.

We purchased pre-drilled invitation backings in Stardream Ruby and then bought some Stardream Ruby cardstock and cut it to make the cover to our invitation.  Originally we were going to use a craft punch to punch a heart in the cover that would peak through to the colored paper underneath, but that got scrapped when we realized that, despite our numerous test runs to make sure this didn't happen, you could see the text of the invitation through the cut out.  Then the Mister came up with the idea of the belly band and honestly I think it looks way better than our original plan.  The design on the belly band was something I did for our napkin rings and we just decided to use it on the invites too.  We just used leftover vellum in Kiwi (in real life it looks much greener than in this picture) for the belly bands and affixed them with double-sided tape.

Here's a close up of the "binding" for the booklets.  We bought pewter eyelets from Michael's and a tool to secure them to the invites.

The first page of the invite is a vellum overlay in Kiwi.  Again, it looks much brighter in person.  Since it's vellum, you can read the text of the invite through it, so I had to block out our names was and retype the text of the quote over where the Mister's name was showing through.  Sorry!

Then you get to the meat of the invitation.  We staggered the length of the pages so they have a tabbed look.  We used Honey Script and Balham for our fonts.  Both were free from!  As I mentioned before we designed everything in Microsoft Word (except for the map, that was done in PowerPoint) and printed at home using our laser printer.

For the RSVPs, we did a postcard.  We bought a perforating blade for our paper cutter and used that so our guesst can just rip the postcard out from the invitation.  We also cut little slits in the postcard so we could slide one of our engagement photos in for our guests to keep.

Finally, our envelopes.  I knew from day one that I wanted to use kraft paper envelopes.  We addressed them pretty informally, just using people's first and last names and forgetting Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., etc.

These invitations were time-consuming, no doubt.  They've been a work in progress for months now but we took things slow so we didn't burn out and get sloppy.  We love how they turned out and love even more how cheap they were.  Our budget spreadsheet says we spent a grand total of $217.50, but I don't think the Mister has updated it to include the postage, which was about $72.  So, we're well under our $300 budget and still have a ton of paper and stamps left over.  I actually let my sister use some of the leftovers to make our Jack and Jill wedding shower invites, which are also going out in the mail soon, and will use the rest for signs and other things, I'm sure.

Well, there you have it folks!  Hope you like them, 'cuz we sure do.

*It was going to be at our friends' house who live in the same neighborhood as the Mister's parents, but it was 108 DEGREES yesterday and is supposed to be just as hot today and the Mister's parents have a swimming pool.  Lordy.  We went from "where's summer?" to "good lord it's so hot I can't breath" overnight.  But I digress.

**Note that I did not include paper cutting in this list of shared tasks.  I think he cut five sheets of paper and I did the rest.  Don't worry honey, I still love you!  But you owe me...bwahahahaha.


Ghenet said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a fantastic job! I love the colors together and the booklet is just amazing. I can't believe these are DIY! Love the engagement photo in the back :o)

jacin said...

wow those are absolutely amazing. great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I love the tab style.

Anonymous said...

I came over from She Said Yes/Jacin's blog... hope you don't mind. I'm in the process of planning my wedding as well!! Love the invites! I clicked to be a follower, I love seeing people's ideas for weddings. If you get a chance, please check out mine,

Sara said...

yay!! great work!! i love the post card rsvp and the engagement photo- they look awesome!

Tamar said...

those are really wonderful. congrats on finishing them under budget and ahead of schedule!

kristininjapan said...

Excellent! I love all the details, especially the picture of you guys as a postcard RSVP! So sweet! And hooray for coming under budget!

Erica said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone. The invitations were a big hit at our little party last night. Everyone was really impressed.

Dancy said...

They came out amazing! You worked really hard on them - I'm glad they came out perfect. Congrats!!! :)

Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

I love them!

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

Great idea. They came out perfect!! Congrats.
I can imagine how exciting it my be to get the first RSVPs.

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