Sunday, August 8, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I haven't worn my engagement ring for over a week now.  Because the band on my engagement ring is offset, we are getting my wedding band custom made so they fit together perfectly.  I dropped my e-ring off with our jeweler two Fridays ago and they told me my wedding band would be ready in 3 weeks and that they'd give me back my e-ring as soon as they didn't need it anymore.  So, it is entirely possible that I won't have my e-ring back for two more weeks.

It's funny how this time apart from my e-ring makes me appreciate it all the more.  I love my e-ring, but it was not love at first sight.  As I've told the Mister, the ring is beautiful but if I had been the one who picked out my e-ring I probably would not have picked the one I have.  What makes me love my e-ring is the fact that the Mister picked it out for me after much thought and deliberation.  It reflects his style as much as it reflects mine.  I love that he bought the ring because he felt it was the right one, even though his sister and the sales girl at the jewelry store told him not to buy it.  For all these reasons, I could never see myself "upgrading" my ring down the line when we have more money, or trading it in for a different style.  I love my e-ring because it's the ring he gave me as a sign of his commitment to me, and any other ring just wouldn't have the same meaning behind it.

I miss my ring.  I want it back.


jacin said...

i can't even imagine.. i'm scared just to even let someone clean it (and haven't even done that yet!) how did you find a good jeweler?

hitchdied said...

I'm going to have to do this when we order my wedding band, and I think it is going to bother me a lot! I think I'll have to wear a different ring (I don't really own any others but I can find something cheap) during the interim.

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