Monday, August 9, 2010


The Knot's checklist is my b*tch.  Oh yes, people.  I have that crazy ass list on lock down.  For the month of August, there are only 6 items remaining on the list.  Of course, I went through it and got rid of all the stuff that doesn't apply to our wedding or that's duplicative, which got rid of probably 50% of all of the items, so that helps.  Here's what I have to conquer in the month of August.

Choose and reserve all tables, chairs and any other wedding rentals you'll need for the reception (unless the caterer or site is taking care of it).

This is almost done.  The only rentals we have to secure are heat lamps and a sound system, both of which we can rent through our venue and they told us that since they only do one wedding at a time is no big deal if we wait until the last minute to rent them.  We might need to rent some extra heat lamps from another place though, because our venue only has five.

Shop for and purchase wedding bands.
Again, almost done.  Mine is purchased, the Mister's is not.  We've been looking for him, but turns out he's actually really particular about the style of ring he wants...he just can't seem to find it.

Order enough liquor, wine and/or champagne to stock the reception bar (if it's not included in the catering contract.)
This item is actually way overdue, which seems crazy to me.  Why would I purchase this stuff before I have a close to final headcount???

Brides:  Have your first wedding dress fitting
This will be done TOMORROW!!!

Set aside some time to write thank you notes for gifts received at the bridal shower.
Our co-ed shower is this coming weekend!!!

Brides:  Attend final wedding gown fitting
Wait, what?  This seems really early to me.  But I'm hoping my first fitting will be my final fitting since my dress already fits me really well and doesn't even need to be hemmed.  I think all I'll need is a bustle.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that I can check this one off tomorrow too.

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Kristin said...

Wow! Girl you are on it. Mine is bad. I let it get away. But to be fair I am doing things all out of whack because I'm planning from abroad. Anyway, I applaud you!

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