Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gratuitous Venue Pictures

On Sunday the Mister and I took a trip up the mountains to meet with our florist and finalize our flower choices (more on that later) and while we were up there we swung by our wedding venue for the last time.  We have a floor plan with measurements of our venue at home, but we wanted to see it in person again to figure out how we want to lay things out.  We also timed how long it takes to walk down the aisle so we can figure out how long the processional needs to be (oh the joys of iTunes weddings!).  Of course, I took a bajillion photos while we were there so we won't forget what it looks like.

This is the "entrance" if you will to our venue.  I'm standing in a small parking area looking toward the venue.  The guests will proceed down the staircase at the center of the picture.  You can kind of see on the right edge of the picture another walkway.  That takes you straight to the second story of the lodge.

A little landing area on the way down the stairs that I think is adorable.  It looks like this is where the smokers will go, though I don't think we have any real smokers coming to our wedding.

This is the top level of the three level deck.  The stairway we were just coming down is at the top right of the picture.  We can fit 6-8 tables up here comfortably.

This is on the second level of the deck.  That's the sweetheart table on the right and the gazebo is where we will put our dessert buffet.  I'll spare you the other pictures of the second level that just show empty tables.  We can fit 4 or so tables on this level comfortably.

This is the lower level, which obviously fits only 2 tables comfortably.  We're probably not going to put any tables there and instead set up the bar and card/gift/guest book tables.  That's the ceremony area off in the background.

A view of the three levels from the bottom (aka the dance floor).  We're going to string white Christmas lights through the arbor so the area has a nice glow at night.

The dance floor, with the gorgeous little walkway over the creek.

A better picture of the creek, bridge and swing!

The back of the lodge taken from the dance floor.  I think we're going to set up patio furniture as a lounge area where the table and chairs are set up in the foreground.  I'll be coming out through the door you see to start my walk down the aisle.

The ceremony area taken from the dance floor.  I wish I had gotten a better close up picture of the alter area, but maintenance was there re-staining the wood.  The creek you saw above runs along the left of this picture so if you are sitting in those chairs along the far left you are essentially sitting creekside.  It forms a small pond that is right behind the alter area.


Ghenet said...

Wow, really nice venue. I love the pic showing the three levels with the wood beams. It'll look so pretty with the Christmas lights. You must be so excited!

Dancy said...

Wow - it's really pretty. I bet all the foliag will just start to turn on Oct 2nd. You're going to get some fantastic pictures!

nicoliolihpf said...

Oh, this is so cute! I love it! Aw, CA lodges are the best!

Kristin said...

Wahoo! I don't think I've seen your venue since I started following you. That lodge is kind of intense in a good way. You'll have full use of it? That is amazing, you're going to be able to do so much!

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