Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hairy Decisions

I've talked about my updo inspiration before, but I've got another hair issue I've got to figure out: hair color.  My hair is naturally a medium to dark blonde and I'm not a fan.  Over the past three years I've gone from super light blonde to a dark reddish brown, and currently am au naturel with partial light blonde highlights.  As I have been growing my hair out, I haven't been to the hairdresser in a while so my roots are beyond ridiculous.  I'm thinking about going in for my final cut and color before the wedding at the end of this month or the beginning of September and I am on the hunt for some hair color inspiration.  I know I want to stay blonde, and don't want anything that is too much of a change.  But the question is whether I want to stick with the highlights or maybe do some allover color (with or without highlights for dimension???) because I'll admit it - I'm getting gray hairs - and the highlights alone don't really cover them.

So I turned to my trusty friend Google, and my newer friend Bing, in search of some inspiration.  The first photo that struck me was one of the newly minted blonde Miranda Kerr.  She recently went blonde and looks fab.  I love her color because it is not one-dimensional.  Since she has a mix of medium and light blonde, much like I have right now, I think I could pull this look off, though I worry that it might not be as flattering on my ultra fair skin.  Though now that I look closer at her skin, I'm loving her makeup look too!

(Via MSN)

Then there is my longtime girl crush, Gwenyth Paltrow.  I love her, even if she comes off as cold and snooty sometimes.  She has rocked the ultra light buttery blonde hair forever and in my opinion few celebrities can work it quite like she can (except for maybe Reese Witherspoon).  I love an ultra light blonde who doesn't look like a bimbo!

Then I saw this image of Uma Thurman and I died.  Since I'm doing an updo for my wedding this image really hit me.  I would be on cloud nine if my hair looked exactly like this on my wedding day.  I guess Uma is also working the non-bimbo light blonde angle.  As a side note, I had a professor in college who was good friends with the Thurmans and would tell stories about going on vacation with Uma and her family when she was a kid!

(Image from Beauty Riot)

Or I could take it in another direction and go more toward the "brond" look.  You know "brond."  It's hair that you can't quite tell if its brown or if it's blonde.  Jennifer Aniston and Gisele Bundchen are the quintessential bronds.



Decisions, decisions!  I love the brond look, but I'm not sure I have the skin tone for it.  Jen and Gisele both have that golden tan going on, and let's just say that I bought some new foundation this weekend and my shade was "Fair 0" - the absolute lightest shade Smashbox makes.  When I was a kid, my hair was close to the color Gwyneth and Uma have, so maybe that would work for me.  But there's something about Miranda Kerr's hair in that picture!  Ugg, I can't decide.  At least I have some time to make up my mind.


Kristin said...

Oh how I wish I could be some sort of blonde! I agree, Jen and Gis keep a perpetual tan so they look good golden blonde. But my very expensive English Cosmo taught me about half lights where the bottom half of the hair is light and the top half is dark so it looks like you've been in the sun and the upkeep is minimal! I wanna try it!

Anonymous said...

"Bronde" is hysterical. I respect people with enough dedication to color their hair. I think I have the most boring hair color in the world, but I'm too lazy and cheap to get good dye jobs and keep them up. Celebrity hair with its highlights and lowlights is something I know better than to aspire to because of my laziness.

Dancy said...

Hah! "Brond"- that's awesome.

I went for my hair trial last week and she didn't like it, so I'm going back again this week. She did my color too but she only put hilights in - nothing low. It's a little too California girl for me, but it'll mellow in the next week or so. And yeah, it'll make the updo look better. The varying shades of color help enhance the shape of an updo.

I loooove the loose curls of Uma's updo. You should def. try that one out.

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