Monday, August 16, 2010

The Ring's The Thing

After two weeks apart, I've finally been reunited with my engagement ring!!!  Saturday morning around 10:30 I got a call from our jeweler that my wedding band was done and that I could come pick it up whenever I wanted.  Naturally, we booked it to Claremont Village so I could have my engagement ring back on my finger for our shower later that afternoon.  

The Diamond Center did a great job.  They are a family owned company that has been in business for 40+ years and they make all of their custom jewelry on site.  I found them online and they had great reviews.  I was also influenced by the fact that they are located in a primo spot in Claremont Village and have been for years.  Claremont Village definitely caters to a more upscale market and you can't survive there as a business without having good work.  And after visiting them, I know the secret to their success:  the best customer service I have ever experienced in my life.  

So, without further ado, my wedding band and e-ring, together at last.

(personal photo)

While we were there, we looked through their catalog for men's rings.  The Mister is actually really particular about what he's looking for, and we've narrowed it down to three contenders.  All of the rings are from Unique Settings of New York.  
The M365.  I don't particularly care for this one, but the Mister likes it.  I think it's cool looking as an accessory, but it just doesn't seem like a wedding ring to me.  
The M442.  The finish on this one looks a little funky, but you can customize the finishes you want, so he'd probably get a brushed/satin finish in the middle with a higher shine finish on the outer edges.

The M1217.  This one is my favorite.  We'd also get it in a satin/brushed finish instead of the high shine finish.

So, what do you think?  Which ring do you like best for the Mister?


Ghenet said...

Your rings look really pretty together! I agree with you about the third ring. It has a traditional shape, so it looks like a wedding ring, but the indentations add some pizzazz.

Dancy said...

Ohmigosh - your rings are gorgeous! I love that it's custom made too - no one else can have a ring like yours. That's great.

I think the 1st ring is kinda cool but it looks like a truck tire. I like the last one best too. Can't wait to see what you guys pick. :)

Kristin said...

Ooooo, they really did a good job putting your rings together. They look great!

I like the last men's ring too. The first one is kind of....ferocious?

Sara said...

Love the rings!! So nice - My fav for the Mister is M1217 - classy with an edge of style. The first one looks too trendy to me (will he like it 60 years from now) and the second one seems to be a bit on the "plainer" side from where your leaning. The third is the perfect combination. I also like how the swirls mirror the shape of your rings. :-)

nicoliolihpf said...

#3 please!

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