Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes I Surprise Myself!

I am no DIY queen.  But the idea of being a DIY queen is alluring, and every once in a while things fall into place just right and it's like the universe is telling me to get crafty.  This happened recently when the Mister and I were working on our centerpieces.  Our original intention was to pretty much copy this centerpiece.

(From The Knot)

But I soon discovered that large succulents can easily run $5+ a piece, which adds up to more money than I want to spend on something that will get thrown away.  So long story short, I decided to make the ubiquitous tissue paper flowers instead.

(photo from Martha Stewart, via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

I followed Martha's tutorial, which was my first mistake.  It leaves a lot to the imagination, which is fine if you are innately crafty.  But as we know, I am not.  So, my first "flower" came out looking like this

What Martha's tutorial failed to tell me was to make the accordion folds using the short side of the paper.  I folded the paper lengthwise, which resulted in approximately 5 folds and this deformed excuse for a flower.  

Realizing my mistake, I gave it a second go around and produced this lovely

I made one more and then did a mock up of our centerpieces.

Whaddaya think?  Hope you like it because I bought a ton of ivory tissue paper this afternoon from The Container Store!  I'm thinking maybe we'll do three flowers and scale back a little on the river rock.  I'm also wondering if maybe I should put some stuff inside the lantern around the candle too, but am unsure.  I think it will look better, but since we plan on lighting the candles I don't want hot wax to ignite flower petals or whatever we decide to put in there.  Most likely we won't end up putting anything inside the lanterns, though, because the wedding is a month away and I have enough on my plate!


jacin said...

wow great job!! you've inspired me to give the puff balls another try.

Kristin said...

The tissue flowers are way cute with that! Way to save! I don't think the inside of the lantern needs anything but what about more river rocks since you've already got 'em?

Rebecca Hill said...

Where did you get the lantern? I am thinking of doing a centerpiece very similar to that. It looks great!! We aren't using real flowers either. They just get thrown away! Save your money.

Erica said...

@ Kristin - The Mister suggested adding river rock to the inside of the lantern too! Great minds . . .

@ Rebecca Hill - we got the lanterns at Ikea. They come in a few different colors and different sizes too. Hopefully you have an Ikea within a reasonable distance from you.

Dancy said...

It looks awesome! Way to save. I tried to make 6 poms to save $$ from the florist but I only got to 2 so you did awesome!! LOL

I'm with Kristen. I don't think the lanterns need anything but if you want to add anything I say go with the river rocks!

Ghenet said...

It came out great! I like the idea of using river rocks in the lantern along with the candle. I love the look--very rustic and pretty!

Angie said...

smashing! and way to improvise! i'm a sucker for tissue poms.

nicoliolihpf said...

I like them a lot! Very cute. I think putting something inside would look nice, but yeah, not worth it if you think they might catch on fire. Been there. Not fun.

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