Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Still Alive

I've been a bad, bad blogger.  We are two weeks away from the big day, and somehow blogging is just not that high on my priority list.  Back in the day, every week I'd have one or two new things or ideas to share, and I'd get all excited to blog about them.  Now, there are about 50 different things that I could be blogging about and it's just too much.  I don't know where to start, so I just don't start.

But rest assured, I'm still alive and kicking, and still getting married.  The Mister and I are running around like chickens with our heads cut off on the weekends getting shit done, and this weekend will be no different.  Though to be honest, I'd say that we are busy but not overwhelmed.  I still feel like we can get everything done that needs to get done without having to pull all nighters or anything ridiculous like that.  Maybe my feelings on the subject will change come Monday.  We'll see.

Have you found it tougher to blog as the wedding gets closer?


jacin said...

haha that's hilarious. i, on the other hand, am using my blog to keep my mind busy. i am practically doing 2-a-days because i have so much to talk about! gotta love it :)

Kristin - Miss Glasses said...

Good to hear from you!

nicoliolihpf said...

It seems to be a common affliction. Worry not, we understand!

Dancy said...

Like Jacin, I ended up doing 2 a day for a while to get the info out. Also, on those nights that I couldn't sleep, banging out a couple blogs & scheduling them ahead to post really helped. Also, all our lovely blogger friends helped tremendously with my anxiety so it was more of a release than a task for me.

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