Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weather! And a Question

When I woke up this morning and turned on my computer, the first thing I wanted to do was check because today is the first day the 10 day forecast is available for our wedding date!  (I know our countdown says 9 days.  In terms of actual days of the week, it's 10 days away counting today, in terms of actual hours to our wedding, it will be exactly 9 days away at 4:30 this afternoon).  I was delighted when I pulled up the forecast and it read:

High /
Low (°)
Precip. %
Sep 23
Sunny77.0°/48.0°0 %
Sep 24
Sunny84.0°/52.0°0 %
Sep 25
Sunny87.0°/53.0°0 %
Sep 26
Sunny88.0°/55.0°0 %
Sep 27
Sunny89.0°/56.0°0 %
Sep 28
Sunny86.0°/54.0°0 %
Sep 29
Mostly Sunny81.0°/51.0°0 %
Sep 30
Mostly Sunny75.0°/50.0°10 %
Oct 01
Sunny76.0°/49.0°0 %
Oct 02
Sunny76.0°/50.0°0 %
We're getting a heat wave but it will be gone by the time our wedding rolls around.  The forecast couldn't be any more perfect.  It's times like this that I love living in Southern California.

So the question for you all is, with an overnight low of 50 degrees, do you think we should rent heat lamps?  I'm thinking that with this forecast the temperatures throughout the wedding will start in the low 70s and heading down to the low to mid 60s around 10 p.m.  I'm thinking this may be warm enough that heat lamps aren't needed, but I run warm.  Anyone who gets chilly will put on a jacket or sweater anyway, right?  Advice please!


GNR said...

I just got married in CA under very similar weather circumstances. My dad wanted us to rent heat lamps. I didn't want the cost. So we didn't and everything was totally fine. I wouldn't do it. One more bill and rental delivery is last thing you need to deal with right now. I warned people to bring a sweater or a shawl, people did. People put them on after the run went down. I am always FREEZING and had a shawl to wear as well. I never needed it. So don't worry. :o)

hitchdied said...

Drive around tonight once it has cooled down and see if the restaurants are using heaters. But ultimately I think letting your budget be your guide is the best idea. If you have a e-mailing list for the guests, you can send out a message letting them know it might get chilly.

nicoliolihpf said...

Honestly, I don't think most people will think to bring a jacket to a wedding. I would go for the heat lamps, but if you let your guests know that they should bring jackets, then you'll probably be fine.

Kristin - Miss Glasses said...

YAY! Great weather! I am not renting heat lamps for our October 30th wedding in L.A. if it makes you feel better! Although if there's some kind of cold snap I will... I'm gonna judge the temperature the week of!

Sara said...

That is one BEAUTIFUL forecast!! I think you will be fine without the heat lamps esp. if you have dancing. Most people will come prepared with their own cardigans, shawls etc

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